• Rahul Khandelwal

Why 1 on 1 teaching is important for kids?

They say that teachers are the ones who mould the future of a country and rightly so because every scientist, every astronaut, engineer etc has gained his/her knowledge from his/her teacher they are the ones who teach them. Nobody can touch the heights of success without having a good teacher who knows how to guide and teach the students well. Teachers play a very very important role in helping a nation grow by moulding the young, curious and innovative minds of their youth.

A good teacher is one who not only possesses a ton of good knowledge but also knows how to pass on that knowledge to his/her students in the most effective way so that the child understands every concept taught to him/her. The teachers should use the best teaching methods to make sure their student is not only understanding concepts easily but is also enjoying the process of learning and developing a keen interest in the concepts or subjects taught to them.

According to scientists, the best way of teaching is by using the 1 on 1 teaching method wherein there is a 1 to 1 student-teacher ratio and every child has a separate teacher who specifically focuses on their student and helps them improve in every way possible by giving them personal attention. In fact, it's something we've been practising from the start here at NotchUp. We use the 1 on 1 teaching method because we feel that it's the best way to get the best out of our students and our teaching staff as well.

Now you may be wondering what difference does it make if the students are taught one on one or not, well keep reading as we explain it in detail.

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Bloom's Discovery

A renowned educational psychologist called Benjamin Bloom made a really amazing discovery In the early 80s. He used to examine teaching and learning techniques, he found a way to drastically improve student performance, helping average students perform better than 98 percent of their other classmates.

He could deliver results for students that far outperformed the standards expected of them. However, Bloom also faced a significant challenge and the problem was that his technique wasn’t scalable.

Today more than 30 years later, Bloom’s core principles can finally be applied, and technology is the answer. You all might be wondering how did Bloom manage to get such amazing performances out of average students, how did his students manage to outperform the others, that's what you're thinking right?

Well, the answer is a combination of two education approaches namely mastery learning and one-to-one tutoring.

  • Mastery learning

In mastery learning, each student must achieve true mastery of a topic before moving on to the next topic or the more advanced ones. The student should study a particular topic until they succeed in achieving mastery over it, even if that takes longer than other students. Time is what schools and colleges focus more on, with lessons squeezed into set periods, they focus more on completing the portion rather than helping every child understand the topic properly, leaving no room for different learning rates or individual student needs. So in mastery learning, mastering every topic becomes the priority.

  • One-on-one tutoring

Here, each student is provided with a personal tutor who guides them through their learning process, suggesting specific exercises and unlocking the student’s potential, ensuring they truly understand the subject and simultaneously also make the process of learning fun, interesting and interactive so that the student enjoys the process of learning instead of looking at learning as a boring process.

The most effective education arguably revolves around three things: high-quality course materials or curriculum, skillful teaching, and accurate assessment i.e checking whether whatever is being taught is understood by the children or not because if your method of teaching is not effective then there is no point. This is true in both online and offline learning, but we’ve now reached a point where reliable connectivity and sophisticated software mean that online education can deliver all three of these aspects, at scale, supported by Bloom’s focus on mastery and one-to-one tutoring. Self-paced learning is a great feature that most online learning platforms provide today, it allows students to learn at their own pace and gain mastery.

One-to-one mentoring, however, has drawbacks. Although the importance of one on one mentoring/ teaching method cannot be underestimated, it is something that a vast majority of online learning platforms don’t deliver, at least not as effectively as they should. Having someone nurture and take care of an individual’s learning by giving them 100% of their attention, something that a child wouldn't get in a classroom setting goes a long way in helping the child grow and do well both in academic as well as personal life. The impact of one on one mentoring over students can be staggering, to say the least.

At NotchUp, our skilled and highly qualified teachers provide individual guidance and support 1 on 1 to every single child that too in their preferred language which makes it even easier for the students to understand the topics. So, if you want to teach your child how to code, help your child unlock endless opportunities of success for him/herself and prepare your child for the digital future then book a free 60 mins live online trial class right now using the following link!

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Students will never miss class

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If the student does not turn up for class whatever be the reason, maybe the student can be sick, or on a holiday, attending a family function, etc, here can be a lot of possibilities but in the case of 1 on 1 teaching the child will never miss his class because he/she is the only student the teacher has to teach so if he/she is not present for the class or is unable to attend it for any reason then there is no way the teacher will move on to the next topic or continue with the class. He has to go step by step along with his student.

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Interactive learning

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There is good communication between the student and the teacher. The student can ask the teacher any doubts that he/she has about the topic they are finding difficult to understand and the teacher is able to solve the student's problems in the best and most effective way as the student gets the total attention of the teacher, as there is only one student the the teacher has to take care of. The teacher will always make sure that his student is understanding the topics properly and all of his/her doubts and queries are resolved before moving on to the next topic. Students will always be able to ask questions and get an answer instantaneously as the teacher is only there to help that particular child and no one else, hence the child will not have to wait for his turn to come in order to ask something. Similarly, the teacher will also find it easier to explain everything in detail to his/her student and make sure that the student is following whatever is being taught.

Low-stress environment for students.

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When there is 1-on-1 interaction, students develop a sense of trust towards their teachers, naturally a bond develops between the student and teacher, the students feel more safe and become more open to sharing things with their teacher be it something study related or be it something related to the child's personal life. The teacher can help and guide their student and the child gets good nurturing. In a class full of students, some children fear asking or answering questions, making mistakes or taking risks. They feel that the other students might laugh at them or make fun of them. With caring and understanding online teachers there is no need or reason for the students to fear from expressing themselves, 1 on 1 learning gives them a safe space to put themselves out there and improve themselves in the areas where they need improvement. Due to the forming of a close bond between the student and the teacher the teachers also take their job more seriously as they would want their student to do well and be extremely successful.

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Teachers can keep track of the student’s progress and mastery

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In a one-on-one teaching method, teachers get to know their students inside out, they