Web Development

For Ages 10+ Years

Pre-Requisites for the Course : Prior basic knowledge of any computer programming language

Students learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery concepts through projects and create a fabulous site by the end of course

Web Development

Course Curriculum

  • Intro to Web Development

  • Formatting tags and text styling

  • Form element and attributes

  • Introduction to CSS

  • Background and attributes

  • Animate buttons

  • JS Objects and Geo location

  • Media Player

  • CSS Gradients

  • HTML tables and CSS

  • Introduction to JavaScript

  • If else statements

  • Arithmetic Strings

  • Comparison Operators

  • Working with Loops and Arrays

  • CSS Animations

  • Date and Time

  • Media Queries

  • Introduction to jQuery

  • jQuery Effects

  • jQuery Filtering

  • jQuery Animations

What will your child create?

  • Profile page

  • Calculator

  • Wishlist program

  • Bouncing Ball

  • Quiz Application

  • Snake Game

  • Two-page website

  • Tic Tac Toe

  • Responsive website


Web Development