Advanced Game Development

For Ages 12+ Years

Pre-Requisites for the Course : Basic understanding of any programming language

Students learn beginner to intermediate concepts using Unity and apply all concepts of 2D game development and publish a commerical ready game

Advanced Game Development

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Unity Game Engine

  • Introduction to Rigid Body

  • 2D Physics

  • Data Strcutures and Object pooling

  • UI and Scene Management

  • Collectibles in Unity and UI

  • Raycasting in Unity 2D

  • OOPs in C# Programming

  • Introduction to AI in Unity

  • Using PreFab and Spawning through Script

  • Animation in Unity 2D

  • Creating Menus

  • Infinite Background

  • Advanced AI

  • Parallax Effect 

  • Particle System in 2D

What will your child create?

  • Boucing Ball Game

  • Chicken and Egg Game

  • Shooting Game

  • Flappy Bird Game

  • Run and Jump Game


Advanced Game Development