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Are your kids ready for the change?

As per a Deloitte Report, 65% of the today's 5 year olds will in 15 years find themselves in jobs that don't even exist today.

Our current education system was established to create employees suited to the manufacturing model of 19th and 20th century. Much of what is taught in the current education system is irrelevant to student lives today or is outdated. The future demands a transformation of this archaic system.  What will power the future generations wouldn't be marks in subjects like maths, science and history but skills like creativity, problem-solving, logical thinking and global awareness applied in real-world contexts.


"Knowledge has been commoditized. There is no longer a competitive advantage in simply knowing more than other people, because Google knows everything. What the world cares about is not how much you know, but what you can do with it.”

Tony Wagner, Senior Research Fellow, Learning Policy Institute

Stop Playing CatchUp, Just NotchUp

NotchUp is an initiative by IIT-D IIM-A Alumni to prepare young children for the future through our transformative online Live courses.


This isn’t just a class. It’s an experience unlike any other.

Led by expert instructors, your child pushes past the boundaries of school and experience breakthrough moments. Triumphs that make you proud. Challenges that helps them grow. With each line of code perfected, each video game developed, real-life applications discovered and every obstacle overcome, they build skills to forge a brilliant future. 


Our Learning Tracks

Public Speaking

Despite studying in English medium school, is your child still under-confident speaking and conveying their ideas publicly?

Our program follows a step by step approach to build confidence through small group sessions and focussed modules building foundation level communication skills through interactive activities and role plays. Students will learn to use mind maps, content organization frameworks, body language, voice modulation and so much more. Sounds interesting ?

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Creative Coding

Do you want the perfect blend of Art, Story Telling and Problem Solving, then Creative Coding is what would be best for your child. 

Coding in its essence has its roots in Mathematics and Logic. No better way to get students excited about these subjects as they create their favourite games, mobile apps and websites. 

Want to know more?

Young Innovator Program

Is your child always excited to come up with new and innovative ideas to solve day to day problems that often leave you awestruck? Or are you looking to help your child think through solutions to problems in a more logical way?


In this program, we use Stanford University's Design Thinking Principles to help students learn 6 steps to solve problems and become a Young Innovator.​

Empathize ->Define ->Ideate ->Prototype ->Test

Launching Soon 


Loved by growing community of 10,000+ parents and students

Notchup classes have greatly improved Akshara's analytical and creative skills to a large extent. They have also made her get genuinely more interested in programming and even taught her to manage her time and effort efficiently. Another positive side effect is proficiency she has mastered is participating in and getting very comfortable with online learning. Discipline in doing home work is yet another plus!

Vishala V Thiagarajan  (Parent of Akshara)



Rahul Khandelwal

Shelly Kanodia

Rahul and Shelly were batch-mates at IIT Delhi 2014 Batch. Thereafter, Rahul went out to work in Analytics and Management consulting firms for the next 5 years. Shelly went on to do her MBA from IIM-A'16 and then joined Avendus Capital in Investing Banking Division. 

After having gone through the rigour of studying in some of the top institutions of the country, when they stepped into corporate careers they both realized the gap that exists in the current education system - A lot of things that they learnt were never used in their careers. To change the status quo, they both got together in early 2019 with the vision to develop new-age skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity at an age which is most impressionable.


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