Augmented Reality Course

For Ages 10+ Years

Pre-Requisites for the Course : Basic understanding of any programming language

Students learn beginner to intermediate concepts using Unity with Vuforia to develop interactive AR applications

Augmented Reality Course

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to AR

  • Introduction to C# Programming

  • Classes and Variables

  • Intro to Vuforia

  • Vuforia Image Targets

  • Object Detection

  • User Defined Targets

  • UI Canvas for user interaction

  • Model Targets

  • Particle  System

  • Ground Plane Detection

  • Virtual Buttons

  • Coroutines

  • Multimedia

What will your child create?

  • AR Greeting Card

  • Make a Pizza Game

  • Rocket Launcher

  • AR Portal

  • Solar System Project

  • Jumping jhapang Game


Augmented Reality Course