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About the Program

NotchUp is an initiative by IIT-IIM Alumni that provides Live online courses for students to develop new age skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration.


Our flagship program is Online Live Coding for Ages 6-17 Years of Age which helps boosts students Maths score/ IQ by making learning more interactive and gamified. Our curriculum creator and expert tutors follow a project-based learning pedagogy with extensive practice for each kid.

The NotchUp Partner Program is our national affiliate program that helps motivated individuals make money from the comfort of their home. All they need is a shared love for our brand, clarity on the NotchUp offerings and they can start!


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What do our Partners say

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Working with NotchUp as an affiliate allowed me to earn INR 20,000 per month by spending just 2-3 hours in a day by spreading awareness about NotchUp classes in my network. I was able to use this money to pursue my career in music. 

Anant Choudhary 


The thing I liked the most about NotchUp Partner Program was their timely payment, training, and assistance that I received from the team as a partner. The skills I have learned have immensely helped me polish my sales skills. 


Karishma Seth

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Being a college student, the money I earned through the partner program has helped me pay for my college fees. Additionally, I strongly believe in the vision of the team that is trying to inculcate skills in students that are actually going to help them build a strong foundation.

Ankit Yadav

Partner Commission Structure

We offer 3 kinds of packages for our courses – Basic, Pro and Advanced. Based on the plan that is bought by your referred lead, you will be entitled to commissions. In addition, there are additional bonus rewards on hitting certain milestones in a month.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can become an affiliate?

i. Moms ii. Tuition teachers iii. ANYONE who wants to make a difference in EdTech and believes in our vision!

How do I Sign Up as a partner?

Please sign up at

Once I Sign Up, how do I get started?

a. After signup, you will receive a confirmation email with details about the program, sales material that will help you refine your pitch, and your unique link that you can use for sign-ups. b. You can share your unique link through which leads can book a trial class for any of our coding courses. Once the trial class has been completed, our sales team will get in touch with the lead to check if they would want to enrol for the paid course. c. Only the leads that get captured through this link will be attributed to you and hence make sure that the referred person uses it to sign up for their trial/subscription.

What all courses are part of the NotchUp Partner Program?

For this program, currently we will be offering only 1 on 1 coding classes as per our three levels Level 1 - Block based courses on Scratch and App Development Level 2 - Python programming, Web Development Level 3 - Advanced Python with Artificial Intelligence

How do I prepare myself before talking about parents?

We insist you go through the material in great detail and familiarize yourself with our brand entirely. Please note that since you are pitching our brand to parents and students, we expect you to communicate information to your best knowledge and pass on the lead to us in case you encounter questions that you are not familiar with / comfortable answering. We will still count that lead towards your earning if they sign up for the paid course. We have a zero-tolerance policy on misrepresentation of brand and NotchUp’s vision and hence, will make sure due action is taken if there is foul-play. Hence, We recommend you to simply seek our guidance wherever you think we can help!

Do I need to have any infrastructure to be an affiliate?

If you have Whatsapp and internet to support a short email or msg, you are our affiliate! That is all we need! We do not expect you to have any other infrastructure.

Can I refer my friends and family to join NotchUp classes?

YES! Infact, we feel that referrals work better when they come from a loved one.

What counts as a successful referral?

A successful referral is when your referred lead has successfully bought a 1:1 course with NotchUp for any of its coding programs within 30 days of being referred by you.

Can I add my friend to become an affiliate?

Absolutely, we will be happy to grow our family with your support.

How will I know my lead status?

You will be able to see the details of all your leads when you log into the dashboard. i. Number of trials booked: This is the total number of trial bookings we got through your individual link ii. Number of Trials completed: This is the total number of students who attended the trial after booking through your link iii. Number of Paid conversions: This is the total number of paid subscribers we got through your link.

Do I get paid for successful trials conducted as well?

No, you will only get paid when someone takes up a paid course with us after the trial class

Do I have to explain the product in detail to my leads and make the sale?

This is not needed. If you understand the product well, then you can explain it to your leads. Nonetheless, our sales team will be calling them directly to pitch the product.

How and when will I be paid?

You will be paid on a monthly basis for all successful conversions by you in a month. Referrals will be considered from the first date till the last date of each month. Earning will be credited to you preferred bank account by 4th of next month. Please note we only support payments to Indian bank accounts.

Anything else that I should know about?

You are eligible for the referral earning only if this is the first time your lead is using our platform and is not an existing customer. You will receive a referral earning only on the 1st package bought by a lead, not on any future renewals. NotchUp reserves the right to alter the commission structure and the same will be informed to you via email before the beginning of the next month.