Frequently asked questions

What all do I need for the Free Trial Class?

Before the class, you are required to do a technical check at your end to ensure a hassle free class experience.

We need the following to be working properly to be able to conduct the trial class

  • Internet Browser : Only Google Chrome Chrome. If you don't have it, please download it for Free online.

  • Working camera, microphone and speakers : Please visit this link to check your cam and microphone

  • Good internet connection : We recommend a speed of atleast 4 Mbps (both download and upload) for a good class experience. You can check your internet speed at the following link: SpeedTest

Can I take the coding classes from my mobile or tablet?

Unfortunately, that won't be possible. To enroll in any of our programs, you would need either a Laptop or a Desktop.

What is Coding?

Coding or Computer programming is the process of writing instructions in a langauge that can be understood and executed by a computer. In today's world, computer literacy has become essential just like Maths and English skills. For more details, refer to the article written by our founders - What is Coding?

What is covered in the trial class?

The purpose of the trial class is to introduce you and your child to our Live online teaching platform. The class would cover the basics of a introductory coding course and a Level Assessment test to decide the level of your child and suggest an appropriate course for them.

How will the course help my child in his/ her studies?

  • Coding is like any other language, and in many countries it is being taught from a very young age. The UK government has already put coding in the UK school curriculum for children as young as 5 years old in 2014. (Source)
  • In USA, 200 Million dollars per year has been provided as funding to support coding programs in schools.
  • Multiple schools in India have also introduced it as a part of their curriculum
  • Coding imprves problem solving and logical thinking skills of children which is essential to anything children pursue in their lives.
  • Coding helps develop Maths skills since a lot of concepts like angles, coordinate system, calculations are used during teaching.
  • It also helps to inculcate curiosity towards learning in the child and improves concentration and focus, which is beneficial in all subjects.

Is this a group class or private class?

Our coding sessions generally happen over 1 on 1 video call with a private expert teacher. We also offer small groups sessions with 2-4 students on special request. All our teachers have computer programming background and are thoroughly trained to take interactive classes with children in age group of 5 to 17 years.

Who are the founders of the company ?

The company was founded by Rahul Khandelwal (IIT Delhi 2014) and Shelly Kanodia (IIT Delhi 2014, IIM-A 2016 ). The founders are dedicated to the the mission of making education relevant for 21st century kids by teaching them new age skills. You can reach out to the founders on their email at and

How flexible are Online classes? What happens if my child is not available for any of the sessions?

We have a No Hassle Cancelation Policy! So, if you are not available for any class, then just drop a message to your class coordinator and we will either cancel or reschedule that class. Also, all our classes come with a No expiry date so you can even pause the session for a couple of months if required, and join back again. :)

How do you assess my child's performance throughout the course?

We do this through interactive quizzes, projects and home assignments. Based on their understanding of concepts, we personlize their next week sessions. The facilitator would keep you updated about your child's performance throughout the program. A the end of each month, we also provide a comprehensive report for you to see your child's strengths and development areas.

Will the teacher allotted to my child remain the same throughout the course?

Yes, you will be allotted a teacher at the start of the course and he/ she will take all your classes. Although all our teachers are equally competent, but still in case you are not satisfied with the teacher allocated to you, we will provide you with a different teacher. Please get in touch with your class coordinator for any such issues.

My child is not proficient in English. What other languages can the children take session in?

Currently, we provide teachers who can teach in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Malyalam and Telugu. If you have any special language preference, please let your NotchUp coordinator know before the class gets scheduled.

I want be a teacher on NotchUp Platform. What should I do?

We are always looking for qualified and enthusiatic teachers to join our team. Please visit the the Join Us tab and send us your applications

What other courses do you offer apart from Coding?

Currently, we are only taking registrations for our Coding and communication track. We will be launching courses on Global Awareness, Logical Reasoning and Everyday Science. If you are looking for any other courses, please reach out to us with your suggestion on our email.

What are the steps to be followed for Tech Check for Trial Class?

Please refer to the following video to understand how you can ready for a uninterrupted trial class. See Tech Check Video