• Rahul Khandelwal

Challenges for Indian Education System

Education is very important. From the age of about 3 years a child is put into this system of learning, marks, achievements and success. However, a good education is available to only some elite few. Let’s understand some of the challenges with the current education system

1. Stressful environment: - About 12% of the children between 4 and 12 suffer from some psychiatric disorder and another 20% show clear signs of mental illness. Not only is this scary but the suicide rates among children in India among the highest in the world. And the reason behind is that young minds are unable to cope up with the pressure of the academics as well as the parental pressure to excel.

2. Rat Race: - The country’s education system promotes a mindless rat race. Students as well as their parents focus on marks and grades. The children are taught to read and learn thousands of books without actually understanding them. The goal of the child is no longer to learn but top an examination. Once the examination is done, the information is not retained.

3. Lack of hands-on experience : Most of the institutions focus on textbooks and they completely lack in giving students a hands-on experience. On average, an engineering student has to study over 40 subjects; this is probably equal to around 6000 hours of attending classes and more than 300,000 pages of engineering information. Of the 6000 hours devoted to studying, only around 500 hours is actually spent on hands-on lab work.

4. No focus on personality building : Most institutions think that academic qualification and certification is more important than building a personality. However organizations give preference to somebody who is flexible and has a dynamic personality than someone who is good in academics but lacks a good personality.

5. Discouraging Deviance : The current education system in India does not encourage original thinking. Deviance is highly looked down upon. Most students are also afraid to take risks because of the fear of being mocked by the society.

6. Lack of personalization : Every child is different. A child learns through various mediums. Some learn better through their auditory senses while others through their visual. Therefore, school education should be personalized depending on a student’s learning style. Most kids that don’t fall into the current educational system end up feeling like they are dumb. But this is not really the case; they probably just have a different learning style compared to the norm.

The Government of India has rolled out a new education policy for providing holistic education to all but its benefits will be missed out by a lot of children. More details about the new policy can be found here.

At NotchUp we share this concern and hope to provide your child with all the skills that they will be missing. We offer 1 on 1 personalized sessions which promotes creative thinking and logical problem solving skills. These skills and not rote learning will power the future generations.