Learn Logic 

the fun way


Age: 6-15 Years

Course Overview

Enhance your child's analytical and logical thinking muscles with knights, knaves, strategic deductions, multi-level thinking problems and more!

Who doesn't like solving puzzles? This course starts with a love for puzzles and then allows your child to explore some truly mind-bending challenges! It will take them through 100+ challenges such as Match Stick Arrangement problems, Lie To Me riddles, Machine Logic, Coin Arrangement and even dabble in some Strategic Game Theory. By the end of the course, you will actually see your child's brain grow as they become a Pro at solving puzzles.

Topics Covered

  • Matchstick Arrangement Puzzles

  • Binary

  • Truth Tables

  • Logic Gates

  • Venn and Euler Diagrams

  • Propositional Logic

  • Coin Arrangement Puzzles

  • Logical Paradoxes

  • The Square of Opposition

  • De Morgan's Laws

  • Inclusive and Exclusive OR

  • Combinatorics

  • Knight and Knave Puzzles

  • Game Algorithms

Solving Puzzles improves IQ and..

Makes Maths


Builds Strategic Thinking



Boosts Focus and Concentration

Improves Visual Spatial Reasoning

About NotchUp

NotchUp is an initiative by IIT-D IIM-A Alumni to inculcate critical new-age skills in children which will prepare them for a bright future. 65% of today's 5-year-old will in 15 years find themselves in jobs that don't exist today. More than 60 million of these new jobs will be in fields related to computer programming. NotchUp offers live interactive video classes from the comfort of your home which improve logical and problem solving skills by more than 75%.


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