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We want every child in the world to be excited about the many possibilities coding can unlock for themselves, for their communities and for their societies.

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO

Why should my child code?


new jobs to be created by Artificial Intelligence by 2022


Increase in logical and abstract thinking skills in children who code 

Why NotchUp?

Adaptive Curriculum  

Every child is different, so is their learning path

Certification and courses designed by

IIT-D, IIM-A alumni

LIVE sessions

in your preferred language

Flexible & Safe - Choose your preferred day/time, unlimited pauses

Gamified with rewards to keep children excited and engaged

Monthly detailed progress report to track your child's performance

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Continuous online support for doubt resolution

100% Money-back Guarantee on all online courses

We focus on learning outcomes and not marketing gimmicks. Join our growing community of 10000+ students and parents 

Parent Reviews

Notchup classes have greatly improved Akshara's analytical and creative skills to a large extent. They have also made her get genuinely more interested in programming and even taught her to manage her time and effort efficiently. Another positive side effect is proficiency she has mastered is participating in and getting very comfortable with online learning. Discipline in doing home work is yet another plus!

Vishala V Thiagarajan  (Parent of Akshara)

Coding Track at NotchUp

Coding Course that we Offer

Game Development Jr 

Ages 5-7 Years

Do you want to introduce your child to the creative world of animations and stories in a fun and interactive way? This is a perfect course crafted especially for 5-7 years old kids to learn the fundamentals of logic and problem solving with a drag-drop platform.

Game Development  

Ages 8+ Years

Students will learn the basics of computer programming such as moiotn, loops, coordinates, variables etc. while creating interactive stories, animations and games on MIT Scratch. This course would help build student creativity and logical thinking skills.

App Development  

Ages 9+ Years

Students will learn the basics of User Interface and application development using MIT App Inventor. Using these concepts, they will be able to create their own Apps such as Calculators, Quiz Game and Multimedia App. Apps will also be published on the Google PlayStore. 

Web Development  

Ages 10+ Years

Students will learn the basics of programming in the three most important languages of the web - HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Using these concepts, students will develop interactive and beautiful responsible website and web-based games such as Tic Tac Toe, Snake Game etc. 

Python Programming

Ages 12+ Years

Students will learn about beginner level concepts in Python programming - Turtle programming, data types and flow control statements. Using these concepts, students will make Turtle race game, predictive cricket and flappy bird and snake games. We will be using Jupyter and Google Collab for this course.

Augmented Reality

Ages 10+ Years

Students will learn the basics of Augmented Reality and C# programming using Unity and Vuforia to develop cool and interesting AR applications such as 3D Jump Game, AR Greeting Card, Pizza Maker, Rocket Launcher, Solar System and Virtual Portal


Ages 10+ Years

Students will learn the fundamental concepts of 3D Design to bring 2D drawings to life. Students will use TinkderCAD to design cool and interesting projects such as Aircraft, Drones, Space Station, Car, Eiffel Tower, House, Lunar rover, Lighthouse and many other exciting projects

Advanced Python with AI

Ages 12+ Years

This is an advanced course on Python Programming and its applications. In this course, students will implement machine learning and data visualization concepts to create interesting projects such as Spam detection, License plate identification, Chatbots, Twitter Feed Analyzer, Translator, and much more.


Ages 12+ Years

Students will learn beginner to intermediate level of concepts in Unity Game Engine along with C# programming to create commercial ready games such as Flappy Bird, AI Shooting game, Run Alex Run, Chicken and Egg Game, Bouncing ball and so much more.

About NotchUp

NotchUp is an initiative by IIT-D IIM-A Alumni to inculcate critical new-age skills in children which will prepare them for a bright future. 65% of today's 5-year-old will in 15 years find themselves in jobs that don't exist today. More than 60 million of these new jobs will be in fields related to computer programming. NotchUp offers live interactive video classes from the comfort of your home which improve logical and problem solving skills by more than 75%.


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