Live Online Coding Classes for

Ages 5-17 Years

LIVE online courses designed by IIT, IIM, Harvard Alumni for Ages 5-17 Years to prepare your child for the future.


Why Choose NotchUp


Small Batch sizes of upto 6 students selected carefully to ensure high engagement among peers

Holistic Development - All sessions focus on not only logic and problem solving but also group thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration among students

Learn from the Best - Top 0.1% Teachers selected after a thorough 5-step process who are trained to guide students as mentors on their learning journey

Engaging Material - Regular in-class gamified quizzes, class recordings and revision material will be provided from time to time so that learning never stops

Be Part of the Community - Students get lifetime access to NotchUp Community benefits such as contests, free workshops, hackathons absolutely Free of cost. 

Join our growing global community of 10000+ young learners 

Courses Offered


Game Development Jr 

Ages 5-7 Years

Do you want to introduce your child to the creative world of animations and stories in a fun and interactive way? This is a perfect course crafted especially for 5-7 years old kids to learn the fundamentals of logic and problem solving with a drag-drop platform.

Game Development  

Ages 8+ Years

Students will learn the basics of computer programming such as moiotn, loops, coordinates, variables etc. while creating interactive stories, animations and games on MIT Scratch. This course would help build student creativity and logical thinking skills.

App Development  

Ages 9+ Years

Students will learn the basics of User Interface and application development using MIT App Inventor. Using these concepts, they will be able to create their own Apps such as Calculators, Quiz Game and Multimedia App. Apps will also be published on the Google PlayStore. 

Web Development  

Ages 10+ Years

Students will learn the basics of programming in the three most important languages of the web - HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Using these concepts, students will develop interactive and beautiful responsible website and web-based games such as Tic Tac Toe, Snake Game etc. 

Python Programming

Ages 12+ Years

Students will learn about beginner level concepts in Python programming - Turtle programming, data types and flow control statements. Using these concepts, students will make Turtle race game, predictive cricket and flappy bird and snake games. We will be using Jupyter and Google Collab for this course.

Advanced Programming with AI

Ages 12+ Years

This is an advanced course on Python Programming and its applications. In this course, students will implement machine learning and data visualization concepts to create interesting projects such as Spam detection, License plate identification, Chatbots, Twitter Feed Analyzer, Translator, and much more.

Parent and Student Reviews


Notchup classes have greatly improved Akshara's analytical and creative skills to a large extent. They have also made her get genuinely more interested in programming and even taught her to manage her time and effort efficiently. Another positive side effect is proficiency she has mastered is participating in and getting very comfortable with online learning. Discipline in doing home work is yet another plus!

Vishala V Thiagarajan  (Parent of Akshara)

Frequently asked questions

Are there any prerequisites/do I need any experience?

Nope! There are no prerequisites to apply. No experience with filmmaking is required and no fancy equipment like a camera or green screen is necessary!

How much does it cost to participate in TLI?

It's completely free! We beleive in democratizing filmmaking for all, and the best way to do that is to offer our program free of charge for all members.

When will I be notified of the board's decision on my acceptance?

Within 1-2 weeks after you submit your application. The final notification date is May 20, 2021.

What is the format/logistics of the program?

Our program is entirely virtual! We will meet every Tuesday for ~45 minutes per session starting June 1, 2021. Here is a tentative timeline: Applications Open - February 1, 2021 Application Deadline - May 14, 2021 @ 11:59 PM EST Final Notification Date - May 20, 2021 Program Starts - June 1, 2021 Last Session - November 2, 2021 More details and logistics will be detailed as we get closer to the start of the program.

What will I learn as a part of the program?

As a part of our program, you'll learn how to: - Use professional video editing software! - Film eye-catching content even with a smartphone! - Color grade your video to make it pop! - Select music that will leave your viewers on edge! - Apply your skills to create your own movie by the end! - And much more! When you create your very own film by the end, you will have the option of submitting it for free to the official Lighthouse Initiative Film Festival (LIFF) and possibly win awards for your work!

Is there any age requirement?

Nope! We welcome everyone to apply. However, we believe that our program is best suited for students ages 12-18.


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