Artificial Intelligence

For Ages 12+ Years

48 Sessions

Pre-Requisites for the course : Any Block based course for Block based A.I. course or Python for Text based A.I.

Students learn the concepts  of AI and Data Science and apply them in different projects.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to AI

  • String Manipulations

  • Data Representation using Lists

  • User defined Classes with multiple parameters

  • Creating Chat Bots

  • Create your own classifiers

  • Detecting Feelings

  • Video and Audio Sensing

  • Cloning Concepts

  • Text to Speech, Speech to Text

  • Using Text Based Classifiers

  • Visual Training Classifiers

  • Working with Data

  • Projects using Real Time Data

What will your child create?

  • Basic AI Game

  • AI Chat Bots

  • Line Following Cart

  • Emotion Controlled Game

  • Image Recognition Application

  • Twitter Feed Analyzer

  • AQI Checker

Pricing for Private Sessions (1 on 1 classes)

Basic Plan

8 Sessions, INR 650/ session

INR 5,200

48 sessions, INR 550/ session

INR 26,400

Full Course

Note - Prices applicable for classes scheduled between 10 AM - 8 PM IST. For any other requests, please contact us.

About NotchUp

NotchUp is an initiative by IIT-D IIM-A Alumni to inculcate critical new-age skills in children which will prepare them for a bright future. 65% of today's 5-year-old will in 15 years find themselves in jobs that don't exist today. More than 60 million of these new jobs will be in fields related to computer programming. NotchUp offers live interactive video classes from the comfort of your home which improve logical and problem solving skills by more than 75%.

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