Artificial Intelligence

For Ages 12+ Years

Pre-Requisites for the course : Knowledge of Python/ or JavaScript

Students learn the concepts  of AI and Data Science and apply them in different projects.

Artificial Intelligence

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to AI

  • String Manipulations

  • Data Representation using Lists

  • User defined Classes with multiple parameters

  • Creating Chat Bots

  • Create your own classifiers

  • Detecting Feelings

  • Video and Audio Sensing

  • Cloning Concepts

  • Text to Speech, Speech to Text

  • Using Text Based Classifiers

  • Visual Training Classifiers

  • Working with Data

  • Projects using Real Time Data

What will your child create?

  • Basic AI Game

  • AI Chat Bots

  • Line Following Cart

  • Emotion Controlled Game

  • Image Recognition Application

  • Twitter Feed Analyzer

  • AQI Checker


Artificial Intelligence