Community Guidelines

Team NotchUp work every day to create the NotchUp Community platform more exciting and safe for students such that they get a platform to discuss their coolest ideas, share awesome videos with kids from all over the world, play games/quizzes, earn rewards, and also learn about science, coding and new-age technology to feed their curious brains. When using NotchUp Community, you agree to follow these Community Standards and our Privacy Policy.

NotchUp Community's standard is built on a foundation of mutual trust, safety, privacy, goodwill, and great awareness for all. When a member breaks the rules, our team deals accordingly with each situation in the form of a warning followed by deletion of the inappropriate content, or ban/delete of the account. Hence, we request you to review the following rules closely and remember to be a part of this community with kindness in heart, willingness to help others, respect for each other, and to ensure privacy and safety for all.

  • Be respectful and civil to other members, even if you disagree with them.

  • Do help others and strive for deeper understanding.

  • If you see anyone breaking the rules, help our moderators and community managers act quickly by reporting any users or content that don’t live up to our community standards. Together, we can make sure the NotchUp Community remains the best community for shared learning and understanding.

  • Any unacceptable content (including but not limited to posts, user names, or subject lines) will be deleted.

  • We do not allow harassing, threatening, racist, abusive, hateful, violent, vulgar, or obscene language or behaviour.

  • Participation in, encouragement, or suggestion of any illegal behaviour is cause for immediate deletion and suspension of posting privileges and may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

  • Flooding or spamming on the site is not permitted.

  • No commercial solicitation or advertising will be allowed.

  • This is a public discussion forum. Do not post personal or any other identifying information, such as your name, address, telephone number, etc. Also, do not post any personal information about a third party without that person's explicit consent.

  • Please keep in mind that other users may claim expert status (legal, medical, etc.) that they do not possess. We encourage you to use discretion in following their advice.

If you think someone might have broken the Community Guidelines, please submit your report so that our moderators can review and take appropriate action. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding NotchUp Community, please contact us at