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NotchUp Community is a closely-knit group of students who are enthusiastic, innovative, self-starters, socially-responsible and passionate hobbyists who wish to Notch Up in their life.

P.S - This community is INVITE Only and you need to be a NotchUp student to access its benefits.

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NotchUp Community is a social platform where students of your age will get to discuss some coolest ideas, share awesome videos with kids from all over the world, play games/quizzes, earn rewards, and also learn about science, coding and new-age technology to feed your curious brains.

Our Community gives you an opportunity to connect with other students, to reach your goals with great companions along the way

Student benefits

Play. Learn. Grow. A platform to interact with all the smartest students of your age from around the world.

Knowledge shared is Knowledge squared. Be a teacher and learner of your community.

Daily fun trivia to nurture your curious brain. Excited already? Hop in! More fun activities are waiting for you.

Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much. Let's do chit chat and attend the free conferences.

Rewards are the motivation for you to work on yourself. Here, you get exciting gifts for more loyalty points.

More features are waiting for you inside our community platform to help you go beyond your imagination.

Interesting Projects

Vivaan Jain, 9 years

Vivaan Jain, 9 years

Sonal Shilimkar, 12 years

Some Stories

Rahul Khandelwal, 2 min

Rahul Khandelwal, 2 min

Rahul Khandelwal, 10 min

Trusted by Parents, NotchUp Community connects you with like-minded students.

Safe and Secure

24 hours monitoring

Clean, Minimal & Modern Design

What Parents are Saying.

"NotchUp classes have greatly improved Akshara's analytical and creative skills to a large extent. Another positive side effect is proficiency she has mastered is participating in and getting very comfortable with online learning.

Vishala V Thiagarajan

Parent, Akshara

"As the classes are very interactive, It helps me learn to spell, develop effective communication, interpersonal skills and developing IQ level. I like everything about the sessions would rate it 10 on 10. Excellent Classes. Let's NotchUp.

"A very comfortable and enriching environment to develop the skills needed for the next generation. The classes have helped my child develop an appreciation for gaming and coding as an introduction for more in-depth courses later.

Ayansh Gangil

7 Years

Seema Dhandhania

Parent, Ayan

Frequently asked questions

Is it Paid or Free membership?

ABSOLUTELY FREE! We will never charge a penny for this service. We just want to connect brilliant students across the globe.

Do we have to be a NotchUp student to access this platform?

For now, our community is only open to students who have taken a course with NotchUp.

How to join the Community?

NotchUp Community is an Invite only platform. If you have completed any NotchUp course, then you are eligible to be part of this community. To get access to the community, either get in touch with your class coordinator or write to us at so that we can share the community invite with you.

Can I attend the contests/ challenges without being a Community member?

That will be a 'No'. You will have to be a community member to access community features like participating in weekly quiz, attending conferences and meetups, etc. In case you are friends with a community member, then they will be able to refer you to the platform.

When will NotchUp Fest for Teens and Pre teens take place?

To be Announced

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