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What are 21st Century Skills


As per a Deloitte Report, 65% of the today's 5 year olds will in 15 years find themselves in jobs that don't even exist today.

Our current education system was established to create employees suited to the manufacturing model of 19th and 20th century. Much of what is taught in the current education system is irrelevant to student lives today or is outdated. The future demands a transformation of this archaic system.  What will power the future generations wouldn't be marks in subjects like maths, science and history but skills like creativity, problem-solving, logical thinking and global awareness applied in real-world contexts.

"Knowledge has been commoditized. There is no longer a competitive advantage in simply knowing more than other people, because Google knows everything. What the world cares about is not how much you know, but what you can do with it.”

Tony Wagner, Senior Research Fellow, Learning Policy Institute

Stop Playing CatchUp, Just NotchUp


NotchUp is an initiative by IIT-D IIM-A Alumni to prepare young children for the future through our transformative online Live courses.


This isn’t just a class. It’s an experience unlike any other.

Led by expert instructors, your child pushes past the boundaries of school and experience breakthrough moments. Triumphs that make you proud. Challenges that helps them grow. With each line of code perfected, each video game developed, real-life applications discovered and every obstacle overcome, they build skills to forge a brilliant future. 

The Founders

Rahul Khandelwal

IIT Delhi Batch 2014

Shelly Kanodia 

IIT Delhi Batch 2014

IIM A Batch 2016

Our Offerings

Everyday Science

I like NotchUp classes because they give very challenging tasks which help me improve in coding.

Samaksh Bhargava  (13 years)

About NotchUp

NotchUp is an initiative by IIT-D IIM-A Alumni to inculcate critical new-age skills in children which will prepare them for a bright future. 65% of today's 5-year-old will in 15 years find themselves in jobs that don't exist today. More than 60 million of these new jobs will be in fields related to computer programming. NotchUp offers live interactive video classes from the comfort of your home which improve logical and problem solving skills by more than 75%.

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